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Which service fits your needs better?

Nothing more amazing than human connection to move past blocks in life. I work with men an women on a 1-on-1 basis which is my favorite part and why I got into this. We do this via video chat so you can be anywhere, anytime.

I offer 2 types of services: 1-Time Boosters and a 6-Week Partnership Program

So what's the difference?

I'm glad you asked!

1-Time Booster:  is ideal for you if you just need a push to make a decision, you need to work on untangling a particular but fairly simple issue, or if you just want to get another perspective on that thing that's been bothering you or you can't decide yet. So basically your goal should be to have a decision, clarity, or perspective by the end of our 1 hour and 25 minutes session. In this case, you don't need someone to help you stay accountable and you have in your life the support you need to move forward.

6-Week Partnership Program: this is a more traditional coaching experience designed to address any road blocks, mind tangling, invisible walls, or stuckness that is preventing you from achieving a goal or a few goals. This is ideal if you know your goal can't be achieved overnight and you want or need the support of a coach to get you through the other side of success while helping you be less anxious and focused. 

No matter which service fits you more, what's key is to 

 not stay in that same space for too long.

So here's my promise to you

I help you envision your desired outcome.

We will map out a plan to reach your goals.

We partner in reaching your desired goal.

I'll share skills, strategies and techniques to help you get past blocks.

I'll provide resources to ensure your success.

I'm a listener, and I'll listen without judgement.

I'll make my best to bring your inspiration out.

I'm your support in difficult times.

I'll offer my advice when you want it.

I'll help you get and stay on track.

You can expect me to be direct when needed.

And I'll keep you accountable to reach your goals.

You can choose between a 1 time boost session or a 6 week partnership .

1 time boost

  • 1 hour 25 minutes coaching session using video chat
  • Pre-Session questionnaire to set the focus for our session
  • Session goal worksheet

$295 USD



For support in making a quick decision

You are stuck in analysis paralysis for a small action you want to take

Simply need to talk to someone unbiased for a another perspective on something bothering you

Feeling blue and need a quick soul energy booster

Your confidence is struggling lately and just need a reminder of why you are a serious bad-ass

Or pretty much anything you would want to chat with a friend over a cup of tea

6 week partnership

  • One (1) Initial Discovery Session
  • 6 x 1 hour sessions using video chat
  • 20% discount in all my online programs
  • Downloadable planner/journal to be used throughout our 6 weeks together
  • One (1) weekly support email. You can use it to ask a question, to get quick feedback, or simply to vent.

$1,495 USD



To get clarity on what their next step is in life, work, relationship, etc.

Support in mapping out a strategy to accomplish a goal that they've had in mind for a long time and just hasn't happened

To regain energy for a project

They have too much drama in their life and need a positive, non-judgmental space to vent or get support in accomplishing a goal

For some unknown reason you lost your mojo and need a confidence, soul-booster friend to get you back on track

You think you got your life all figured out but somehow feels like something is missing and it's bothering you

You are feeling stuck. You know what's next but somehow you can't seem to take action.


how much time per week do I need to dedicate to this?

what are your coaching hours?

do i have to book all 6 sessions in a row?

should I see a licensed therapist or you?

do you offer anything else that i can do on my own time?

what if i want to cancel and i haven't used all my sessions?

what if i don't think 6 sessions is enough for what i want to be coached on?

i still have more questions