7 Reasons Why We Fail To Follow Through And How To Fix It

It is not a mystery than most of us know how to lose weight, make more money, or keep our house tidier. The difficulty is following through and even more, being consistent.

Knowing what to do is not enough. If there are no actions, then knowing really doesn’t get you anywhere. What does get you somewhere is persistence in your actions.

So why do you think you are not following through on your decisions?

Choose the reasons that resonate with you and see how to resolve them:

  1. You’re not making a real decision. Making a real decision means cutting yourself off from any other option. Most of us fail to commit sufficiently to our decisions. We’re too half-hearten and give up far too quickly.

FIX IT: Learn that a real decision is a contract you’ve made with yourself. Show yourself the respect you deserve as if it was a contract with a stranger.

2. You are not clear of your values. It’s important you to be aware of your personal values, who you are, and what you want. When we are clear of these things, we learn to make our decisions without hesitation and you’ll follow through more often. When you are authentic, you are clear on your values.

FIX IT: Knowing yourself, the real you and what you want to be, feel, and have increases the quality of your decisions. It will also keep you going when things get difficult or don’t work out how we wanted. You will be less likely to give up when you know your values. 

3. You made the assumption it was easy. When you set your mind to a specific level of difficulty on something and you are surprised with it being way harder, then you tend to lose momentum and not follow through.

FIX IT: Have the expectation that there will be things you did not consider that may set you back just a bit and that this is NORMAL. If there are things you know may show up as challenges in your journey, write them down and next to it write what you will do if this happens.

This way you have a plan to follow and there will be minimal disruption. It's also important to note that things can surprise you and be way easier than you expected, so don’t doubt yourself if this happens, know that things can also be easier.

4. You get emotional. We are only human and emotions are part of what make us human. This doesn’t mean we should let them control us or ignore them. Successful people develop a framework where they learn to acknowledge the feeling and have control or strong willingness to flip the page to not let them stop you.

FIX IT: Meditation is one way of getting control over your emotions and yourself but I personally find journaling much stronger in this case as it lets you become truly aware of which emotions are ruling your journey.

Focus on making positive decisions in spite of how you’re feeling in the moment. The tendency is to make decisions that reduce your anxiety in the short-term.  Unfortunately, this leads to long-term failure. Keep your focus on the objective.


5. You lack consistency. Taking huge steps towards something can be scary and out of our comfort zones sometimes. You can accomplish more with consistent baby steps daily than if you take a big step today and then one more in 2 weeks. Daily action keeps you focused and is easier emotionally. It also helps you develop habits

FIX IT: Avoid the belief that you have to work yourself into the ground and burn out to be successful. A little each day adds up to a lot.

Make a list of actions you can take each day and then do a few of them. Repeat these few action daily and as you notice that these require no effort from you, start adding more actions to the list. That’s usually all you need to master the skill of following through.

6. You lose focus of what it is you wanted to do on the first place. When you focus on the immediate difficulties or actions, you can get lost in those and forget what you were trying to accomplish on the first place. When this happens, it will be easier to quit rather than trying get back on track because you get stuck in the current struggle.

FIX IT: Remind yourself daily of the prize at the end or what you are  trying to accomplish. Visualize how it will look and how you will feel. Really anticipate the emotion of achieving this and following through will be a lot easier.

7. You think it should be easy if it is meant to be. Do you just give up and go on to a new project whenever you see that something isn’t easy? I can tell you from personal experience that not everything in life just lands in your doorstep and also not everything that comes struggle is necessarily “not meant to be”. I have so many examples of this in my life to share that maybe I’ll just do a video on this. You must learn to identify when things are just a bit harder to get versus not meant to be before you quit.

FIX IT: This exercise is very much my personal strategy. As you face challenges in your journey to achieve something, stop for a moment and analyze if you truly want to give up or if it’s just your mind trying to keep you safe.

Learn to trust in your heart that when things are not meant to be, the decision to quit will be made for you and not by you. Either something will happen or a person involved will decide not to work with you, sell you that house, or cause some sort of issue that you cannot control.

So which one hit you on the spot? You know in your heart when there is a decision you must make. Learn to manage unexpected obstacles, breath deep, take a moment to analyze if you are giving up too early before quitting.

I invite you to create your own process that you can follow every time you are undertaking a new goal. Your life will be changed when there is a series of steps to follow making it a lot easier to follow through.

The power to change your life is within you and ONLY YOU. You only need to adjust your approach. Be consistent and follow your personal process.

What could you change in your life if you followed through on your decisions?

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