Tired of pretending to be someone else?

...Are you ready to live a free, joyful, powerful life being the REAL YOU?


Live YOUR life. Be your true self. Live a life that makes you happy, and not someone else.

A life of achievements and manifestation start with you living a soulful authentic live. Stop wearing masks, pretending to be someone else, letting the opinions of others dictate who you are, how you feel, and even what you dream of. You were born FREE to be the person you were meant to be. To live a life that takes no effort on being you. To love yourself and others for who they are. And yet, now more than ever we seem to forget this with social media, workplace demands, relationships, and just trying to "fit" in...

the thing is...


Here's what Oprah says about authentic:

"I had no idea that being your authentic self could make me as rich as I've become. If I had, I'd have done it a lot earlier."

Oprah Winfrey

But what if you could change that in the next ___ days?

To be able to let your TRUE self be seen? Without fear. Without shame. Without the need to apologize?

Ask yourself…

  • Do I want to live an authentic life ?
  • Do I want to be free from the opinions of others?
  • Do I always feel like I’m wearing a mask when I’m around others?
  • Would my life be better if I was living an authentic, joyful, free life?
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Throughout our lives, people around us have felt the right to tell us how to be or not. 

Speak up, quiet down, study this, don’t go there, work harder, take it easy, believe this or that, dress like this, etc…

There is always some sort of mind preconditioning that although it can be good in some instances, if left unattended, it can turn YOU into someone you are not.

Here's a quick tip: whatever precondition ideas or concepts you have in mind that feel off or almost like dead weight, those are most likely coming from outside and not from your heart. They are not supposed to be there.

To discover our authentic selves and develop a healthy self-concept we have to stop living someone else’s life and start living OUR own lives.

So what if we don't know how or where to start? or you are feeling stuck and in fear of what others may think of the real you?

You are not alone. Keep reading my friend!


Yes, this is ME!


The step-by-step process for letting go of what others think and living as the REAL you...This powerful course contains 6 modules and 49 lessons that lead you on a step-by-step journey to true, freeing authenticity. A journey of reflection, clarification, courage, self-acceptance, and love.


In this life-changing program, you’ll learn:

  • How to shed the harmful expectations of others
  • How to discover who YOU truly are (and NOT who others want you to be)
  • How to UNLOCK your true passions
  • How to build UNSHAKABLE self-esteem (that no one else can tear down…)
  • How to let go of mistakes and learn to ACCEPT yourself (and finally move on)
  • How to EMBRACE your individuality
  • How to LOVE yourself (with all your strengths and weaknesses)
  • How to FIND your life purpose and stop wandering from thing to thing
  • How to show the world the REAL you without fear of what they’ll think
  • How to shape and create the ENJOYABLE life you’ve always wanted by living authentically
  • And so much more!

Side effects include smiling more often.

In 20 years, you could look back at today as the first day your true self blossomed.

When you were set free.

When you stopped being what OTHERS wanted and became the person you were DESTINED to be.

This is your moment.

The key to the cage has been given to you.

You can either open the cage or throw it away.

It’s your choice. Will you be your authentic self or continue living as you have been?

You could try to learn all this on your own, but it would require hours upon hours of reading and research.

You wouldn’t have the guidance of a trusted expert.

And you wouldn’t really know if you were making progress.

Or you could be taken by the hand and guided on this life changing journey.Which will it be?

There are 6 modules with 49 total lessons.

The modules are:

Module #1

Knowing and Understanding Yourself

You’ll learn how to have a true understanding of who you are. You’ll find your personal identity, discover your deeply cherished values,and learn how to tap into your deepest passions.The journey to authenticity begins with understanding yourself, finding out who you want to be, and then charting the way forward.

Module #3

Learning to Accept Yourself For Who You Are

It’s a beautiful thing to accept yourself without judgment. In this powerful section, you’ll learn what it means to find true self-acceptance.You’ll come to terms with who you really are, let go of your past mistakes, and learn to forgive yourself. You’ll break free from those crippling self-doubts, eliminate your negative self-image, and learn the power of constructing a healthy self-image.

Module #5

Determining Your Life Purpose

Through a series of revealing self-questions, you’ll unlock your true life purpose. You’ll also tap into the power of writing and meditation to help you find out what you should focus on for your life purpose.You’ll learn how to make your purpose an integral part of your life and you’ll discover the amazing benefits of finding your life purpose.

Module #2

Giving Your Self-Concept A Makeover

Once you understand yourself, you’ll give your self-concept a full makeover.You’ll discover the power of reevaluating your past, building and maintaining unshakable self-esteem, being proactive about increasing your satisfaction in life, and determining who you really want to be.

Module #4

Learning to Love Yourself

Only when you learn to love yourself can you begin to love others. You’re going to finally learn how to embrace your individuality and stop desperately seeking the approval of others.You’ll learn how to avoid the fatal flaw of comparing yourself to others and the power of believing in yourself. Finally, you’ll learn how to love your body, emotional self, intellectual self, and spiritual self.

Module #6

Living Authentically

In this final section, you’ll leverage everything your learned so you can live authentically. You’ll dare to be yourself, reveal your true personality, and find the courage to express your feelings.You’ll present yourself honestly, unlock the power of your inner voice, and develop the courage to create originality. To top it all off,you’ll create a compelling vision of the future for yourself.

Here’s the breakdown of the 6 modules:

  • 6 modules with 49 lessons to lead you on the journey of authenticity ($299 value).
  • Additional resources, reflections, and affirmations to help you apply and implement what you’ve learned ($99 value).
  • Module quizzes to empower you to remember the key points ($49 value).
  • A thorough understanding of who you truly are (PRICELESS).
  • Priority email support.

Finally, you’re going to...

  • Create the authentic life you KNOW you were always meant to live.
  • Become a more authentic friend, child, parent, or coworker.
  • FINALLY stop beating yourself up over past mistakes.
  • Learn to start LOVING who you are (and not be dragged by what others think of you).
  • STOP pretending to be something you’re not...and be the REAL you.

Isn’t it time to embrace the life you deserve?

To become the authentic you?

The choice is yours.

Regular: $2,599

Today Only: $499

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About The Instructor

Andrea Cincora is a Personal Improvement Coach. She has been passionate about spiritual and personal growth since very (very) early in life. Without knowing, she had been coaching people all around her throughout life challenges way before she even realized this is what she was meant to do. She believes in God or Universe (whatever you want to call that supreme lovable intelligence), she believes in life after, in the connection to our soul’s energy, and the amazing power of our brain. People usually tell her all their problems, so don’t worry if you feel tempted to do so too.

She lives in sunny Florida with her super sociable and kind-soul-super chef Romanian husband in a house she manifested. Loves dogs but has none to avoid cleaning up after, eats gluten and dairy free, loves Salsa dancing, and her hobby is learning new things. She lives an authentic life and you can now download one of her favorite morning routine exercises, her Daily Authenticity Checklist for FREE.

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The goal of this program is to really help you make a change and I am 100% confident that if you stay focused, present, willing to implement the lessons, you will see results. But If you take action on the materials and don’t find yourself living a more authentic life, I’ll refund your money.

In order to qualify, you must request a refund within 30 days from purchase OR before you start Module 4; whichever comes first. You must provide proof of the work listed in Module 1- Module 3, and a 150 word explanation of why you feel this program didn't help you.