The One Exercise Successful People Do To Create Success Habits

When it comes to habits and learning what successful people do, there is certainly tons of info out there. But what we all know is that successful people find ways to take action and stay consistent doing what for some of us can be difficult to even do once. They are OK getting uncomfortable, out of their comfort zone until repetition turns this into a habit.

So you are not alone! It's very likely that at some point a successful person was in your shoes but found a method to stick to consistent action and made it to the other side just safe. 

I know... so what methods do they use, right? I will share with you my favorite exercise. I've tried it for many things in my business and the proof is in the videos I have uploaded to my YouTube channel which were definitely out of my comfort zone before. Although we all are different and have different things that work for one but not another, I've found that this tends to work pretty well with many clients and it definitely works with me! 

This exercise never gets old and can be applied to pretty much anything you want to accomplish.



  1. Start with something that you know it's easy, but for some reason you just haven't done it. This could be going for a walk every morning, meditating, reading at night, not checking your phone when waking up, etc. Find something that isn’t too challenging but it's something you really would like to make it a good habit in your life. Do not time the activity at this point.
  2. Continue doing it until you feel uncomfortable. Keep doing this activity until you begin to feel uncomfortable. It might be your neck gets tired from reading, feeling anxious that you didn't check facebook early in your day, physical discomfort while walking, or any other negative feeling.
  3. Check your level of discomfort now. How does it feel? Is it really that unbearable? Identify where the discomfort is sitting this I mean, you feel it in your legs, in your mind, or where else in your body? What happens after you pay attention to your discomfort?
  4. Breath and relax. Now that you and your discomfort had a moment alone, continue with the activity. I know you may want to quit now, but if that's what you're feeling, then that is your key to continue. When you feel the need to quit, start on step 1 again. Once you find wanting to quit for the 3rd time, then allow yourself to stop. 

This exercise is really powerful. You are sending the message to your brain that you are not a quitter, that you are establishing a new habit, and that it's OK to feel uncomfortable doing it but that is only momentarily and you can always keep going. At some point, after a few days your discomfort level will not be as important as it seemed when you started and in many occasions, it may even become a pleasurable feeling.

Keep doing this exercise for the same activity until you find yourself not wanting to quit 3 times, but less and less until you no longer think of quitting. At that point, congratulations! You have mastered the process of creating sustainable habits.

You can add one more challenging activity now. Once you develop this skill, there are no boundaries to what you can achieve. You can master pretty much anything.

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