You picked the 8 weeks option which is my favorite of all ways to work and really see significant results.

This is For You If One or More Sound Familiar:


You are looking to get clarity on what your next step in life, work, relationship, etc. should be.

You want support in mapping out a strategy to accomplish a goal that you've had in mind for a long time and just hasn't happened.

Need a new cheerleader to regain energy for that project that's stuck.

You have too much drama in your life and need a positive, non-judgmental space to vent or get support in accomplishing a goal or making a change.

For some unknown reason you lost your mojo and need a confident, soul-booster friend to get you back on track.

You think you got your life all figured out but somehow feels like something is missing and it's bothering you so you need to figure it out and get back on the horse.

You are feeling stuck. You know what's next but somehow you can't seem to take action. It's not that you are lazy, it's more that you are stuck in the procrastination dimension.

What to expect from the 8-WEEKS PROGRAM

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I'm grateful for Andrea's ability to keep me accountable to my goals in a firm yet compassionate way. She was cheering me on the whole time, both encouraging and celebrating me. I could feel that no matter what, she was one of my biggest fans! Her positivism was contagious!

Andrea Cincora reviews

Kim K Gray


What Others Are Accomplishing with the

8-Week Program:


  • Found ways to improve the relationship with their spouse and felt ways to be authentic and heard.
  • Finally got clarity on which business path to take and what truly felt right for her future as a online coach.
  • Pushed through the fears of public speaking which were holding back the success in her new business.
  • Launched a YouTube channel after thinking about it for at least a year and not taking action before. 
  • Came up with a 1 year roadmap for his life that has given him a new career, a new girlfriend, and tons of confidence.
  • And much more...


8- Week Coaching


One-Time Payment | Save $243

  • 90-minute "Setting the Baseline" Session
  • 6 x 1 hour sessions using video chat
  • 20% discount in all my online programs
  • Downloadable planner/journal to be used throughout our 6 weeks together
  • In-between sessions business hours text support. You can use it to ask a question, to get quick feedback, or simply to vent.


2-Payment Option

$1,620 x 2

2 Payments of $1,620

- 1st payment at sign up

- 2nd payment automatically deducted 4 weeks after

I'm Ready!



It's important for me to get an idea if I will be able to help you. Please respond the short questionnaire clicking --> HERE.


Step 2 - Book Your Consultation

You will then get an email with a link to book your "Let's Chat 15-minute" consult.


To get started with the coaching series, you will need pay online either full payment or 1st payment, if you chose the 2-payment option. On the same page, you will be able to sign your Coaching Agreement and book your 1st session.

That's it! 


how much time per week do I need to dedicat​​​​e to this?

what are your coaching hours?

do i have to book all 8 sessions in a row?

should I see a licensed therapist or you?

do you offer anything else that i can do on my own time?

what if i want to cancel and i haven't used all my sessions?

what if i don't think 6 sessions is enough for what i want to be coached on?

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