I found this in Spanish and had to share it with you all because it is simply AMAZING and just wish it had been me the one that came up with it!


Be like the sun…Get up early and go to bed early

Be like the moon…Shine in the darkness

Be like the birds…Eat,sing, drink, and fly

Be like the flowers…In love with the sun, but loyal to their roots

Be like the fruits…Beautiful outside, and healthy inside

Be like the day…You come and go without showing off

Be like the river…Always moving forward

Be like the light bugs…Even small, always shine with your own light

Be like the water…Good and transparent


Thank you for taking interest in learning more about me and what brought me here to you.

My #1 goal is to provide you with an online space where you get unstuck, stop feeling anxious, move forward in life, and onto the next decision with ease and confidence.

Think of me as an old friend who wants to catch up with you. I come without judgement, with a new perspective, and with total intention to really hear you out.

No goal or dream is an embarrassment and opening up is a reason to celebrate.

All I offer is designed with this vision in mind. I am in tune with my soul and love incorporating the importance of spirituality into everything I do, I am also a firm believer of action plans. They both go together: spirituality + plans = guided action.

I am not perfect, but that doesn't stop me from appreciating that my life IS perfect just the way it is. I am learning to fully trust and surrender to the journey because at the end, it has never failed me. Nevertheless, I am me and I just like you trying every day to become a better version of me. Overall, a version that continues to be honest, unapologetic, curious, upfront, and sensitive.  

I hold on strongly to my beliefs in a higher being that knows us deeply, loves us, forgives us and guides us. Call it God, universe, energy, or light…whatever resonates with you, but I am 100% sure I depend on him like oxygen. The connection with my soul and energy is one thing I cherish the most and learning to make this stronger every day is my life long project. 

Life has taught me that challenges whether these are expected or unexpected, we need to take our time to think them through, feel, cry, feel again or whatever your heart tells you- and then move on. Never stay there too long.

But enough about me. How about you? Ready to chat?