8 Steps to Your Full Potential

Congratulations! If you are reading this post, you have a higher chance of realizing your full potential and not spend your life wondering what it would be if you had done this or that. Avoid regrets by choosing to develop to your full potential starting now.

So what’s one way you can discover and achieve your full potential?

Mastering something new.

 What I love about this method is that must of the times your journey to mastering something new will show you things you didn’t even know existed. Things you didn’t even know you would enjoy or hate. You grow as a person, you gain new conversation material, and you will get new ideas that might become your next thing to master.

Here’s how you develop your full potential using this method:

1. Define your strengths. We were born with special gifts that we uncover throughout life. For you to develop to your full potential, you must base your journey on your gifts, your strengths. Don’t get caught up on which strengths you think will be useful or not. Keep a child’s mind for this exercise (as I usually recommend), so let your heart speak without any manipulation.

TASK: Go in a place where you feel comfy, happy, and relaxed. Take 3 deep  breaths start your brainstorming. Here are some questions to get your thought process going:

- What are you better at compared to everyone you know?

- What has always been easy for you to do?

- What are you best at?

2. Define your weaknesses. What we consider weaknesses are also gifts. Sometimes they are there to keep us safe, to guide us, be strengthened, but for the purpose of this exercise- let’s look at our weaknesses as we see them, as weak spots in our mindset and character. It’s important to define this as well, because when we are taking positive action in life, these weaknesses love to act up.

TASK: Stay in this comfy place and start digging for weaknesses. They love hiding when you look for them but just keep digging until they show up. Let’s get your thoughts going with some trigger questions:

- What do I normally need help with?

- What thoughts or activities drain my energy?

- What do find usually happens when I try to start a new goal or changing a habit?

3. What do you like? It’s not just about effort and skill.  We can all put effort and learn a skill, but what truly matters is enjoying and committing to putting in enough time to be successful. The fail-proof way to do this is by putting your attention and focus into something that you enjoy.

  • Think about what you enjoy doing. What activities cause you to lose track of time?
  • What conversations leave you feeling happy or satisfied, like you could keep talking about that forever?
  • What activities are your go-to after a tough day?

4. What do you want to Master? Now that you know your strengths, weaknesses, and likes, you can decide what you want to master. If you had something in mind already, take a moment to see if this is aligned with what you listed in your strengths and likes. This mastery can be something you do on your own time without having to share it with the world if that is something you don’t dig.

  • How will you measure mastery?
  • How will you feel once you’ve master this new area/skill?
  • What will mastering this area/skill do for you?

5. Avoid distractions. Distractions are the enemy to progress. We all have things we enjoy doing but that do nothing more than taking our focus away, they accomplish only temporary satisfaction like scrolling through social media.

  • Make a list of your favorite distractions.
  • Now write next to them how willing are you to avoid them to be successful in this new mastery? If you don’t see much willingness, then check to see if it is that the area/skill you chose is not something you really want to master or if perhaps mastering your distraction could be the area to focus on.

6. Find a mentor. To master anything, we must learn from something or someone. Nowadays we are so blessed to have pretty much anything we want to learn at our fingertips with the internet. Find a mentor, coach, advisor, or whatever title you prefer. If this is something you can’t afford yet, don’t let that stop you. There is tons of content on YouTube that you can find to develop almost anything.

TIP: I give people is to look for books on amazon on the subject they want to master, then look for the author and see if they have a YouTube channel. You will be amazed how much content they all share for free to really help you.

7. Commit. Mastery requires commitment. It’s the commitment to develop yourself, overcome obstacles, and to put in the necessary time.

8. Focus on improvement. Always remember that you can fill a glass of water in many ways, but even drop by drop will still get the cup full. So, don’t go aggressive if that’s not your type, what matters is that you stay consistent until you make it a habit.

Even implementing small life hacks can get you started on building new habits. Where will you start? 

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