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Untangle your mind & Achieve Your Goals.

no more excuses my friend!

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How to Build a Life You'll Love Following The Wisdom of The Great.

You are procrastinating not for lack of energy or enthusiasm but because you just can't seem to move forward or take action. You may know what it is that you are supposed to be doing or maybe you are totally lost, but you just know for sure that you are stuck.

The problem is not getting stuck, but staying stuck for too long.

Things start to build up and more inertia starts to kick in. Anxiety flares up because you can't stop thinking about it but you are not taking action either.

This is no different for career, love, emotional, business, or just life challenges in general.

You also seem to be waiting for something to magically change in your life but still nothing changes.

Until one day, like today, you find someone like me to listen up, help you figure it out, and give you that little push you were needing all along and that totally gets you. That offers you a space with zero judgment and where it is all about you!

All of the sudden you are out of the inertia dimension and into your clear path. 

Energy is back, you feel confident, radiant, and like the bad-ass you really are!

Andrea Cincora reviews

I'm grateful for Andrea's ability to keep me accountable to my goals in a firm yet compassionate way. She was cheering me on the whole time, both encouraging and celebrating me. I could feel that no matter what, she was one of my biggest fans! Her positivism was contagious!

Kim G.

here are some ways we can work together:


Coaching: 1-on-1



15 minute sessions for 6 months


Email me at andreacincora@gmail.com to be notified of enrollment period with crazy low price.


I know I don't have much time to impress you so here it goes my 5 second intro:

I am a Personal Development Coach, a self-improvement lover, health geek,  strong but spiritual, wife, sister, aunt, and daughter. I am gluten free not by choice, dairy free (but don't show me cheese because I forget), animal lover, nature admirer but fan of the a/c. And I fight very strong daily against the call of my couch and Netflix. 

Overall, I am your new friend. I hope I impressed you. So nice to finally meet!


David S.

I've been working with Andrea in a couple of occasions 1-on-1 when I've been stuck in my life and for some invisible reason, unable to take action. She helps me move forward again and really makes it feel like I'm talking to my best friend (except she doesn't judge).