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To Enjoy life, you have to start with being You, the real you.

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The things you do repeatedly matter. The way you handle stress and uncertainty matter. How you plan your day matters. Your thoughts definitely matter. Almost everything matters when you do it day after day for a long period of time.


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Laurie k.

I took the Yes, this me! program and I love it. It's broken down into digestible modules and more importantly it really helped me realized not only how exhausting it is to "pretend" to be you daily and how liberating and joyful it is to be real, to be simply you. 

Johnny S.

I've been working with Andrea in a couple of occasions 1-on-1 when I've been stuck in my life and for some invisible reason, unable to take action. She helps me move forward again and really makes it feel like I'm talking to my best friend (except she doesn't judge).

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I know I don't have much time to impress you so here it goes my 5 second intro:

 I am a coach, a self-improvement lover, health geek,  strong but spiritual, wife, sister, aunt, and daughter. I am gluten free, dairy free (but don't show me cheese because I forget), animal lover, nature admirer but fan of the a/c.

Overall, I am your new friend. So nice to finally meet!


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