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I'm grateful for Andrea's ability to keep me accountable to my goals in a firm yet compassionate way. She was cheering me on the whole time, both encouraging and celebrating me. I could feel that no matter what, she was one of my biggest fans! Her positivism was contagious!

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It's not lack of energy or enthusiasm, it almost feels as if you were stuck behind a mirror and watching time and life pass by. Anxiety flares up because you can't stop thinking about this one thing you wish you would have or the thing you wish you were doing, but you are not taking action either to make it happen.

You seem to be waiting for something to magically change in your life but still nothing changes.

Maybe this thing is career, love, emotional, business, or just life related. Most likely it's a combination of these, but that's for me to help you figure out.

See, the problem is not getting stuck, but staying stuck for too long. 

So what should you do?

You need to find external help. Someone that understands what getting stuck in life feels like and that can help you figure it all out. You need someone that will listen from a zero judgement perspective. Someone that will give you that little push you were needing all along and offers you a space where it is all about you.

You are in luck! That someone, is me.

Our partnership will all of the sudden take you out of the inertia dimension and into your clear path. 

You'll get your energy back, you'll feel confident, radiant, and like the bad-ass you really are!

here are some ways we can work together:



"Working together for 2 months and my confidence has gone up and she is helping me turn this dream of mine into a reality. She is kind, genuine, great listener, very wise. Andrea is just an awesome person to work with!"



I know I don't have much time to impress you so here it goes my 5 second intro:

I am a Personal Development & Success Coach, a self-improvement lover, health geek,  strong but spiritual, wife, sister, aunt, and daughter. I am gluten free not by choice, dairy free (but don't show me cheese because I forget), animal lover, nature admirer but fan of the a/c. And I fight very strong daily against the call of my couch and Netflix. 

Overall, I love coaching. I hope I impressed you. So nice to finally meet!


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